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So this is how I work: I offer PREMIUM UNPOSED Photography. Which means, I will talk with you and interact with you and give you specific things to be doing during my shoot with you. I RARELY pose anyone. In fact, the only time I will “pose” you, is if you specifically wanted to work with me and you asked for a certain shot that is posed. I won’t tilt your head or tell you to freeze while I take a photo from a generic angle. Unposed photography is gaining popularity all over the country, and I follow and regularly speak to some really talented (and super kind!) unposed photographers from all over the world. There are many types of photography, and many types of photographers. Unposed is MY specialty, it is what makes me happy and gives me fulfillment. I want as much movement as possible— if I am chasing down a toddler for photos or taking shots of people on a dance floor, I am at my happiest.

I don’t enjoy posed photos because it feels too forced for me. I am a very real person and I couldn’t fake anything if I tried, so capturing authentic moments when they happen feels natural and comfortable to me. I love natural light and doing a shoot outside, but I also really love darkness and shadows. The freedom of outdoor shoots is really amazing. I like my edits to have warmer earth tones. I love my clients very much and get to know each one on a personal level, and I enjoy taking the time to have that relationship. I most enjoy working with people that share my vision of photography. I like to be able to express myself through my work, and stiff, posed, bright white photos are just not my style. Each photographer is very different from the next, with their own unique style and vision, which has been adapted to create something that sets them free creatively. I am no different. My sessions are more of an experience, because I will set you up to interact with the others at your shoot, to bond with your family members, friends, or spouse. My clients walk away full of excitement. I really take pride in the fact that I can instill that in people. What they don’t realize is, they leave me feeling the same excitement. My clients are my people. I am fortunate and very grateful for every person that entrusts me with their photography needs.


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This Is Me

When my dad passed away in 2016, I realized just how precious moments, and relationships are. Every moment I capture on film has a story. Much like time, those stories are fleeting. Film has a way of putting time on pause, and that is what I find so magical about photography. I can capture you and your family, spouse, friend, etc. just as you are, just as you feel today, for all to see forever. That, is priceless. Imagine one more moment to look back on with someone you love.

My photography is very unique. I have extensive experience in customer service management, and also as a teacher. These things definitely give me an edge in photography. I enjoy meeting new people and traveling both near and far. I see my photographs as art. Beautiful art, full of emotion.

I love authenticity. unfeigned emotions. unpretentious moments. veritable humanity.
People inspire me.
Love is what makes me thrive.






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